Mercury switch
Mercury switch, also known as tilting switch, is a kind of circuit switch, with a small container followed by a small drop of mercury stored in the container, most of the vacuum or into the inert gas.

Because of the relationship between gravity, mercury droplets will flow to the lower part of the container, if the two electrodes at the same time, then the switch will close the circuit, open the switch.
The shape of the container will also affect the conditions of the mercury jelly contact electrode, for example, the use of parcels bombs will be inverted V-shaped, so that the recipient without the knowledge of the situation side of the parcel, closed circuit, brake explosion Person (or parcel carrier or manufacturer) will not.
Note: Mercury is toxic to the human body and the environment, so use the mercury switch, be sure to be careful to avoid breaking; in the no longer use, it should be properly handled.

Classification characteristics
Mercury switch is based on the package in the glass shell or metal shell to move the mercury to achieve the switch off, so the mercury switch and mechanical switch, there are many features:
① can be used in harsh environmental conditions. Since the mercury switch is sealed, the internal mercury and the outside are isolated, so it can be used in an environment with oil, steam, dust and corrosive gases.
② off the required external force is small. Mercury is the only one that can keep liquid at room temperature
Mercury switch Metal, its surface tension and the proportion of both large, as long as a little external force to make the mercury switch tilt, mercury can be moved to make the switch off.
③ mercury conductivity is better, mercury switch electrode contact resistance is generally less than 100mΩ.
④ mercury switch to allow the current through the electrode material, tungsten wire electrode maximum allowable current of 10A, and the general maximum allowable current of alloy wire is generally 1A.
⑤ Since the mercury switch is determined by the mercury gravity, it can work reliably over a long period of time.
⑥ electrode contact is liquid contact, without any noise.
⑦ As the mercury can flow, as long as the acceleration reaches the set value above, the mercury switch can pass or break, and thus can be used as a sensitive component of vibration.
⑧ small size, in various forms, and for the whole sealed device.
⑨ simple structure, low prices.
⑩ high quality, high quality products, suitable for beginners to use.

(A) shows the glass shell package of mercury switches, but also the most used one form, this mercury switch tilted at a working angle, the two electrodes through the mercury can switch on and off action. The advantage of the glass-tube-type mercury switch is that it can be viewed from the outside to its working condition. The disadvantage is that it is easy to break. The working temperature can not keep the mercury in a solid state, prevent the mercury from freezing with the electrode and can not be used normally, or mercury that does not touch the electrode It is highly likely that the glass shell is crushed and the impact electrode is damaged.
In order to make the glass tube-type mercury switch is not broken, people designed as shown in (b) with a plastic protective shell structure. (C) for the metal shell of the mercury switch, the metal shell itself is an electrode.

The difference between mercury switch and vibration switch
1, ball switch all materials can meet the environmental requirements, and the mercury switch `because of their material problems can not be achieved.
2, the ball switch is the way through the metal beads with the trigger pin power generated by the signal, because the ball with the trigger contact pin contact area is small and the ball is active, so there is sometimes flashing conduction phenomenon, and mercury Switch is mercury contact with the trigger contact, because mercury is liquid, the contact surface is stable, in general, more stable conduction effect.
3, ball switch is a metal shell, structural strength is better.

Note the editor
Mercury on the human body and the environment are toxic, so the use of mercury switch, be sure to be careful to avoid breaking; in the no longer use, it should be properly handled

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